Monday, 22 July 2013

Stress fractures

The source of my recent and previous foot pains? Stress fractures. Not nerve damage. An X-ray this morning at the hospital, an addition to my routine check-up X-ray set, shows that I currently have a stress fracture on the outside of my foot, but also that I've had previous ones (at least one) that have now healed up. In a way I'm relieved. I was worried it was a nerve problem and that may never have healed, or took a very long time. At least I know a fracture will heal.  There's nothing to be done about the current one, must just take the weight off it more and wait for it to heal. But my consultant is concerned (as am I of course!) that I will keep on getting them. They are happening because I can't walk properly, the weight distribution through my foot is off, so eventually a bone is fracturing, and then ouch! 
So what I can do is go and see the orthotics department, appointment requested, who might be able to fashion some kind of support or insole for my shoe to even up the way weight goes through my foot. If that doesn't work, then it's going to be more surgery.
But crucially I'm still OK to ride my bike as much as I like. I just can't walk far without crutches. Strange situation to be in!

Left foot: left most bone, little crack on left side = stress fracture. Next bone to right, lumpy bit near top of image = healed up stress fracture.

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