Monday, 3 October 2011

Started 'training' again

Well, I guess I've started some kind of training again, even though I'm still in this cast. Doing 20 minute sessions on the trainer (Tacx iMagic for those interested). Feels good to be getting sweaty again, and the leg feels strong enough to do some kind of workout now. Before it was difficult to keep my foot on the pedal, but now it isn't so something must've changed.... So I've made myself some training rides with up to 5% slopes in. Two days in, no problems. So far so good...
The last visit to the consultant was on September 19 where I learned the results of my CT scan from 5 September. The result is that he thinks it's still worth persevering without another corrective operation. He's given me a portable bone healing ultrasound system to use on it 20 minutes every day. Apparently that's clinically proven to promote bone healing, sounds good! The fact that my wounds have now healed up is definitely a good sign that the infection has been beaten. He said it may return so I have to be on the lookout and ready to resume antibiotics if needs be.
But all in all a good visit, I feel like I'm being looked after with my special machine and everything, and even though it's still quite painful sometimes, it does feel a lot stronger than from a few months ago.

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