Thursday, 15 September 2011

So what happened?

Did I fall out of love with cycling? Become a lazy couch potato? Realise I'd never win a race and quit?
No, I got hit by a car. On June 21 2010. I was in hospital for 8 weeks with a badly mangled left leg (below the knee), possibly a fractured pelvis and a few broken bones in my hand. I lost 30% of the tissue below my left knee and my left tibia and fibula were in 4 pieces. Nice! It took 2 weeks for the plastic and orthopaedic consultants to decide that it was worth reconstructing, so I had a series of operations to put my leg back together, taking a muscle from my back and skin from my right thigh. I left hospital in external fixation which I had on until December 2010. Since then I've been in a removable plaster cast. 13 months on since I was discharged, my leg is still in the cast and I'm still on crutches. In the last 2 weeks my wounds have finally closed up, touch wood. So now at least I don't need to do my dressings every other day! My hand is fine, I just can't move my index finger joint. My leg feels like it's getting stronger but the consultant is still thinking I may need another operation to fix it properly. That will mean another year before I can recover. But it may not come to that, fingers crossed.
I am soooo looking forward to cycling again, and to keep on posting stuff here when I do races and adventures etc.. I have a big list now of things I will do when I'm able to!

Here's how it looks, September 14 2011.

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