Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some good news at last :)

On Monday this week I had my (seemingly monthly now) X-rays. I wasn't expecting to be able to see anything or for there to have been any progress, it being 6 weeks since I stopped the adjustments, but... there was visible growth in the gap! There was quite a crowd in my consultant's office, which I guess is what happens when there's some good news to dish out (maybe). One of the nurses commented that it was about time I had some good news!

Monday's top-view X-ray.

It looks like a big gap still, but comparing with last month's, you can clearly see some more cloudiness in the gap, and that the gap is less defined. These are both signs of new bone growth. Even when it's fully healed, I think it will still look broken on the X-ray.

The consultant did a bit of a comparison of the lengths of my legs and we decided that probably no further adjustment in terms of length was necessary. Looks like I won't be in the NBA after all ;)

The plan now is that I will go back in 4 weeks on June 25, and depending on the result of the X-rays that day, maybe some of the struts will get loosened. If that comes to pass it will mean the healing is going faster than I expected. My consultant explained to me that eventually the struts will be removed and then 2 weeks with no support will be enough to determine if the healing is complete. Then I can get the frame removed. This is one of the advantages of this kind of frame - you can see if it's worked before you take the step to remove it. Awesome.

Here's what it looks like in the flesh now.

I've been told now to try to do as much as possible within pain limits in terms of weight-bearing and trying to leave the crutches behind. The more I can do, the more it will promote the healing of the bone. So today I left the house for the first time with only one crutch since the operation, to get my hair cut. Only a little way down the hill and back up again, but I'm paying for it now. Man it hurts now! I've guzzled down some paracetomol and ibuprofen so hopefully that will help.

No pain, no gain! But boy it hurts now!

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