Monday, 30 April 2012

Hospital: New X-rays: Gap in tibia.

Today I was back at the hospital for X-rays. It's now a month since the operation to fit the frame, and all 12 adjustments of the frame are complete. I was expecting therefore to be able to see the big gap that's opened up in my tibia. I wasn't disappointed!

Today's X-rays. Top view (left), side view (right). Note gap :)

I knew my consultant wasn't going to be there today, but he will see these X-rays on Wednesday and tell me whether or not the bones are in the right positions now. If not there'll be some more tweaking to do.

Here's a comparison between the last X-ray (after 3 adjustments; left) and the current one (after 12 adjustments; right).
My leg is getting quite swollen when I spend too much time with it vertical, so I think what I'm doing on days like today is the limit at the moment. I imagine that now that the adjustments have stopped, it will have a chance to settle down - after all, I've been moving my broken bones around so there was bound to be some swelling. Sometimes at one point it's almost touching the frame, so I'll have to keep my eye on that.

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