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Pennine Way Day 0 - New Mills - Kirk Yetholm

Kelso, Scottish Borders.

New Mills - Kirk Yetholm,  June 23 2008


1300 Town Yetholm.

Made it to Town Yetholm. All trains and buses on time. Bus driver from Berwick to Kelso was a lunatic! Decided to walk from Kelso, probably a bad idea as it's all on the road and my feet are a bit sore now.

The hills I'm going up tomorrow?

Anyway, I'm enjoying the first pint of the journey, at The Plough Hotel. Yetholm boasts two Good Beer Guide drinking holes. This one had Dizzy Blonde (which I'm enjoying) and a Jennings brew. I'm sure some people will think that I've just finished as that's the usual way around but never mind. A dilema - to pretend at The Border Hotel later on and get a free half? Probably not I guess.

It has been quite sunny today and I think I'm already a bit sunburned. I also think I caught a glimpse of the path before - if I'm right it looks more like a road!

Oh well, let's go and see Kirk Yetholm, and the youth hostel...

Later @ The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm.

The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm.
Got talking to a nice bloke (Roddy) at the bar here who is a self-confessed 'bar-fly'. There are also some Americans here - an old couple - I do have some sympathy because they made a faux pas at the bar which I perfectly understood since I've lived there...

Oh, I wasn't allowed to eat at the bar, so now I'm on my table by myself! I suppose there always has to be rules... The food though is good - Roxburghshire Pie - v.v. nice!

Anyway that bloke Roddy said that if I email him my address when I finish - he will make sure I get a certificate sent out. That's nice, huh?

Went back to the hostel and fell straight asleep!


I'll try to stick to this format, although it might not always work. I'll transcribe my journal entries and then add some thoughts I'm having about it now.

One thing I already noticed is that it's going to read a lot like the Pennine Way pub crawl! I often wrote in my journal in a pub with a beer, so obviously it occurred to me to write down where and what I was drinking. I was really excited to be finally doing it, what I'd planned and looked forwards to for so long :)

The dilemma about pretending to have finished is that at The Border Hotel you can still get a half-pint of beer "on Wainwright" as it says at the end of his book. Originally it was a pint, but inflation! I believe that these free half-pints are now funded by the hotel, but originally they really were paid for by Wainwright.

I also remember thinking while I was on the train that it was a bloody long way. Basically I would walk home from Kirk Yetholm. The train from Sheffield to Berwick-upon-Tweed takes 3 hours!

Youth Hostel, Kirk Yetholm.
The Youth Hostel in Kirk Yetholm probably survives solely due to the Pennine Way. It's not clear to me why this trail ends here. If it were designed nowadays I suppose it would end in a bigger place. There's really nothing in KY except the hostel and the hotel.

View the photos from today on a map at Flickr.

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