Sunday, 15 April 2012

Adjustment 3

Yesterday I made the third adjustment, which takes strut 6 to its limit, 94mm. I think I can see that the change is being made more in the front/back plane than left/right at the moment, although it's difficult to tell so maybe it's my imagination.

Day 0 (top) - Day 3 (bottom).

On Monday the consultant will change struts 4,5 and 6 for the next longer ones so I can continue with the adjustment programme. I'll also try to get a look at my X-rays to see how the bones have moved already.

Day 0 (left) - Day 3 (right).

My pin site look good - I'm only a bit worried about the little pin at the right nearest my knee - it seems to be stretching the skin there and making it a bit red and sore. I will ask about this on Monday but I suspect what is happening is that the adjustments are also pushing back on the top rings and those wires are there on purpose to prevent that. Probably after the adjustments are finished things will settle down.

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