Thursday, 12 April 2012

Taylor Spatial Frame Adjustments 1 & 2

I started adjusting the struts on my frame 3 days ago. I can't keep exactly to the schedule prescribed because some of the struts (the 3 shortest ones) will need changing for longer ones on 16 April when I'm at the hospital, so I decided to spread the first 4 adjustments over the days between 09/04/12 and 14/04/12. 

Top view: from left to right: 09/04/12, 10/04/12, 12/04/12

Shown here are the first 2 adjustments, so the photos from 09/04 show the initial state. So far, strut 1 has got longer by 2 mm; strut 2 shorter by 4 mm; strut 3 no change; strut 4 longer by 2 mm; strut 5 longer by 7 mm; strut 6 longer by 6 mm. I think you can already see some change in the position of my lower leg - even though it has only moved millimetres on each strut. There are another 10 adjustments to go before it will be straight.

In the photos taken from above you can see struts 2, 1 and 6 (left to right); in the photos taken from the side you can see struts 6 and 5 (top to bottom). Strut 3 is on the left side of my leg - it will only move 2 mm (shorter) in the whole process. Strut 4 is the most difficult for me to see - it's under the left side of my leg.

Side view: from top to bottom: 09/04/12, 10/04/12, 12/04/12

I'm using my camera to take pictures of the struts that are hard for me to see so I can tell when I've adjusted them enough; here you can see strut 5 before and after today's adjustment, which was from 106-110 mm.

Strut 5 12/04/12 before (106mm)
Strut 5 12/04/12 after (110mm)

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