Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Adjustment 6 - half-way there.. with spanners!

Today I have made the 6th adjustment to my frame. In so doing I had to replace strut 5 which had reached its limit of 120mm. This was not difficult - fortunately I didn't need bolt-cutters - it came off easily enough. The new one goes out to 150mm, which is where it will be after adjustment 12. Today it went to 124mm.

Step 1: the strut comes off...
Step 2: the new (longer) strut goes on...
Step 3: attach it at the bottom.
New strut 5 - by the end this will be at 150mm!
Day 0 (left) - Day 6 (right).
Day 0 (top) - Day 6 (bottom).

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