Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Latest hospital visit - more adjustments?

On Monday I was at the hospital for my now biweekly x-rays. This time the x-ray still shows no shift of the bone position since the struts were unlocked now four weeks ago. That is good. However, I have noticed that I am walking a little on the outside of my left foot again - not much, just a bit, but when I try to walk without crutches, which I have been doing at least around the house - it is noticeable and is making 'walking' a bit odd. So, there is the possibility with this frame to make an adjustment of my bone position to accommodate the loss of range in my ankle, which may or may not return, but certainly won't return fully or quickly.

Yesterday, then, I locked the struts again and put them back in their final positions of four weeks ago. Straight away I can feel a difference, which means that the bone must have shifted a bit, even if it's a very small amount. I have a new prescription now from my consultant to adjust the struts over four days to achieve a 5 degree bend in my tibia. He says it may not move at all, which would suggest that the bone has healed enough to be solid, but I think I already can see that that's not the case, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed a difference when I relocked the struts. I had to change out two of the struts, because the new prescription makes strut 2 go shorter than it can and strut 6 longer than it can. Fortunately, swapping them over works, so I've done my bit with the spanners again :)

The fact that it feels better now raises the question of whether or not I really need the new adjustments. I guess I'll do them anyway, and see what happens. Maybe if I push it out further than it really needs to be, it'll settle back to where I want it?

Last night my ankle was incredibly painful. I don't know why, maybe my soft tissue adjusting to the slight movement I must have given it yesterday? This morning it's not too bad, and I can tell by trying to walk without crutches that this position, whatever it is, is better than what it was with the struts unlocked. If it would heal up solid in this position, I think walking would not be far off.

It's very swollen now too, no doubt because I've been pushing it the last two weeks, trying to do as much one-crutching as possible and even some no-crutching around the house and garden.

Next appointment is in two weeks. I don't think frame removal is too far off now. My consultant said that on my latest x-ray it looks like there are two places where the bone has knitted and two places where it might have. If there was three knitted places normally that would be enough to go with and take the frame off. So in the next month, there might be four such places. I say leave it on until we're sure.. it's not pleasant and it's quite awkward, but it's better than waiting another year and having to start again ;) 

I think he agrees with my theory about why it bent last time and that maybe going in a cast again is not going to be a good idea.

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