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Pennine Way Day 15 - Mankinholes - Crowden

July 8, 2008


Leaving Mankinholes YHA.
0815 Mankinholes YHA
Awake. Looks dry today thank God. We'll see how my body is etc when I stand up! This is the penultimate day!! Just one long moorland march and I'll be within 6 hours walk of the end. Edale, I'll never look on you the same. The highlight of today may well be crossing the M62 on that bridge - or Black Hill, don't know. Let's get on with it!

Looking back to Stoodley Pike.
Warland Reservoir.
The Aiggin Stone, a medieval waymarker on Blackstone Edge.
1946 Crowden
Arrived Crowden 1850 - no one in reception on the camp site here so I just pitched - just met the guy now he says everything OK. Shop opening again in 10 minutes - will get milk and stuff. Should cook but the place is crawling with midges. And it keeps on raining a bit.

Blackstone Edge (472m).
Approaching the M62 crossing. Seen this bridge many times from the road...
Anyway, how was today? Good. Long, but good. It didn't rain on me much, otherwise it would've been the proverbial. It was a long way though, about 24.5 miles door to door. Crossing the M62 was interesting - a little bit scary actually - and there were lots of trig points today - 4 I think; Blackstone Edge; White Hill; Standedge and Black Hill - which really would be impossible without slabs - God knows how they used to do this walk. There was also a lot more climbing today than I thought by looking at the map last night. Amazingly this has been the second most climbing day after Day 1. No wonder I'm knackered :)
Cotton grass and stone slabs. Just like on Day 1.
Wessenden Reservoir.
At Wessenden Head looking ahead to the path over Black Hill.
Still, I am now on home turf - only 16 miles over Kinder to go. There's a monster climb tomorrow morning but once up there it's a moorland trudge on slabs. Forecast says light rain.
Oh, today I lost a glove. Dope! Now my left hand has to go in the pocket. I think I may have lost it when I went to the toilet! And I had some trouble fording some streams coming across Round Hill Moss - a couple of times my foot was right in the stream! And today was the first time a bog tried to suck me into it. Not so bad, but weird feeling.
Black Hill (582m). Scene of many previous PW nightmares.
Imagine what this would be like without the slabs!
2110 Crowden
Just had my dinner - that Uncle Ben's stuff I've been carrying since KY! Actually it wasn't bad - and I had a bowl of coffee to wake me up a bit. Bought some bacon for the morning. Aim to leave about 9 means up and functioning at 8. Going to read "Into the Wild" a bit now, until it gets too dark.
Danger Deep Bogs! Please keep to path!!

Day 15 Statistics

24.5 miles (258 miles from KY; 93%)
1657m ascent
582m max elev.
time moving: 8h24m
time stopped: 0h29m
overall average: 2.8mph
average while moving: 2.9mph

My feet didn't look so good after 15 days hard walking.

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