Friday, 14 May 2010

CVMBC - 41st

So the results for the CVMBC are up - thanks to RichStwit for alerting me last night :)

Remarkably my comment of a few days ago that my time for this year would have seen me 41st last year, was bang on correct! So that's 41st out of 302 entrants, 274 finishers. Just scraping inside the top 15% of the field.

Unremarkably it means that I didn't finish in the top 40, let alone the top 25. Still, there may be several reasons for that as I've tried to go into in the previous couple of posts. I was thinking I wouldn't do this one again next year, but it looks like I may have to, to try and improve. The only other 'super-A' priority race for this season is the Holme Valley one in September, another fast course which I did really well on last year.

I will change my tyres to the Race Kings, after this weekend. Probably.

Still undecided about the Marin Roughride. The problem is that I have to go to the USA that week for a conference. Oh heck that's not really a good excuse.

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