Friday, 14 May 2010


This weekend I'm off to the Lake District. Camping in Threlkeld, taking mountain bike, hoping to do some great trails. Weather forecast is for sunny intervals tomorrow and monday, but heavy rain on sunday. Well, they never get it right for the Lakes, so it could be anything. Last time we went it was mizzle (mist + drizzle) all week. Fingers crossed.

Hope to get up Skiddaw (bike, run or walk), and maybe up Great Dodd on bike via an old track I see on the map. Maybe take in Whinlatter forest as well. Think there's a nice pub in Threlkeld, and the camp site (Burns Farm) looks good. Excited!

Taking Feet in the Clouds with me too, hoping to get suitably inspired to get back fell running. One day I'll do that Bob Graham Round, mark my words :) I could probably walk it, and run in between the peaks, in less than 24 hours. Well, maybe. Shame there isn't really an equivalent to that challenge for mountain bikers. Hmmm. Maybe someone can invent one! To be a serious challenge it'd have to be on a par with BGR in terms of time. So it should be doable inside 24 hours, but not without some serious thought and planning and training. Something like a distance between 150 and 200 miles on a mountain bike will sort you out good and proper. Thoughts on locations and routes?

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