Tuesday, 11 May 2010

CVMBC further analysis

At the risk of this getting boring for everyone except me, here's some more numbers comparing my ride this year with last. The column of interest is compare, which shows mile-by-mile whether I was in front (black) or behind (red) my time last year. The last column shows where on the course that mile is. I think this pretty much rules out some of the stuff I said in my report... I made up most time over Wort's Hill, where I remember last year getting stuck in a big queue of people, and having to walk over the hill. Also made up time climbing the steep road on Huck's Hill. Put that down to lighter bike? Interestingly I lost time on the Wessenden Head climb - strange because that didn't feel any slower, although the last bit was tough so maybe I was more tired there this year. The road descent off Wessenden Head maybe was indeed the tyres. But the differences are a lot more concentrated in a few significant places than I expected. Hmm. It is very interesting nonetheless to have done exactly the same route, in similar weather conditions, a year apart.

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